Womans Groups

Journey Beyond Abuse

Journey beyond abuse is an educational and therapeutic programme that is delivered in the form of workshops for groups of women who want to break away from the cycle of domestic abuse in which many have been trapped.

This is done by:

  • Understanding of the dynamics of abuse

  • Identifying their own personal experiences

  • learning practical strategies of motivation and empowerment to help them make positive choices

  • A greater awareness to channels of safety

Copyright by Paul Von Hillier
Copyright by Paul Von Hillier


VISTA’s programme (women who use force) provides services to women who use any combination of control, force or violence in their intimate relationships. Their ethos is implementation and services grounded in belief that women who use non-self-defensive physical force against their intimate partners – whether they are domestic violence survivors or not – are putting themselves and others at greater risk of harm and therefore, need contextualized advocacy, support and intervention.

The name VISTA was chosen to indicate the programme’s extended view of serving women who had used force – one grounded in a ‘healing place’ philosophy that validates domestic violence survivourship and diverse life experiences, while encouraging accountability and focusing on personal choice.

Given our understanding of their distinction between mens and womens violence, we believe and continue to believe that an effective curriculum would have to be specifically tailored to the needs of women who were struggling with personal shame and/or guilt for having used force and frequently have unaddressed survivourship issues.