Advocacy Support Team (AST)

Court Based Advocate (CBA)

A pro-active advocacy service to women and men living with domestic violence and related issues, providing emotional and practical support to the whole family if necessary at a community level.

We provide information on housing, civil and  criminal court and compose risk assessments with our service users tailored to there personal needs.

Wherever possible, the advocates follow a case through the various phases, keeping women informed throughout the process. The following are the key services offered to women;

  • being kept informed about their case

  • general telephone support

  • being accompanied to court

  • risk assessment and safety plan

  • requesting special measures

  • pre-trial visit to court

  • victim impact statements

  • criminal restraining orders

  • referrals to other agencies

The advocates are extremely pro-active in their attempts to reach all women going through the courts and offering them support.

Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

IDVA aims to deliver support that has not previously been available to victims of domestic violence who wish to press charges against their abuser.  We provide specialist support throughout this process and will also be able to access other services depending on what the person wants or needs.  They possess specialist knowledge of both criminal and civil courts and will be able to advise on a range of associated issues.

The Advisers will work closely with the police and other agencies.  The key point to remember about this post is that it’s independent – they are there for the victim and to support the victim’s decisions and are not concerned with achieving targets.




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