Choose to Change – Male Perpetrator Group

As part of our Education Prevention Intervention in the Community (E.P.I.C) programme, we have our own program for male perpetrators of domestic violence, called Choose to Change. (C2C)

The aim of the programme is to:-

  • Enable participants to identify and acknowledge their current / past abusive behaviour and use skills and strategies taught on the programme to make positive changes in their behaviour. This is done through conversation, individual and group exercises and the practice of the skills and strategies taught on the program
  • Enable participants to take responsibility for their use of abusive behaviour in their intimate relationships.
  • Enable participants to identify the beliefs and intents which underpin their abusive behaviour.
  • Enable participants to acknowledge the effects of their behaviour on themselves, their partners, children and others.
  • Women’s Safety Worker works alongside programme engaging partner/ex partners to ensure management of safety and risk whilst also offering support.

The first step for people who want to participate in the program is for them to be referred either by self-referral or through an agency.  Once the referral is received they will then be invited to attend for an initial assessment and complete pre-group work.  If suitable they will then be invited to attend the programme. The programme consists of 24 group session run per two hours per week.