Children and Young People

Copyright of Paul Von Hillier
Copyright of Paul Von Hillier

Atal Y Fro can support children and young people aged between 0-25 years old who have experienced or have been affected by domestic abuse.

We aim to break the cycle of domestic abuse by working with the children and young people affected so they can deal with issues that have affected them and carry on to achieve healthy relationships as they get older.

We can offer;

  • Individual work for ages 4+
  • Early years work ages 4-6
  • Group work including Star Group and Recovery Toolkit aimed at working with the child and their carer.




1 thought on “Children and Young People”

  1. Hi, Iam currently training to be a play therapist I have been doing a placement with Place 2 Be in Cardiff and have gained level 3 counselling skills I am looking to find a placement with children 12 and under as a play therapist. I require a room and some sand trays and basic toys such as puppets ect. if you are interested in having me as a volunteer for play therapy skills then i would like the opportunity to do 70 hours with three separate children if there is such provision. Many Thanks E. Thomas

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