About Us



is a unique organisation dedicated to the elimination of Domestic Violence

We provide support for women and children within the Vale of Glamorgan who have experienced, or are experiencing Domestic Violence:


We do this by:

  • Sustaining and developing work relations with partners & stakeholders;
  • Raising awareness, informing and educating communities in the Vale on domestic abuse –
  • its causes, consequences and prevention;
  • Continuing to provide and develop specialist services available to all stakeholders;
  • Consistently monitoring and evaluating our services;
  • Raising the profile of ATAL Y FRO

Why did we choose “Atal y fro”?

It has become increasingly clear that if we are to break the cycle of domestic violence we need to concentrate our energies on prevention. This means tackling it within the whole family (including dads/partners) and educating children and young people. to encourage that participation, we decided to change our name to Atal y fro which means ‘Vale Prevention’ with a mission to ‘Helping Families To Break The Cycle of Domestic Violence’.

We are developing two new programmes in partnership with other agencies that will facilitate this new and innovative approach to the work. For the fi rst time in our history, we will be working with dads and partners as part of the family dynamic.